• Step 1: Complete the submission sheet. Make sure you complete the submission sheet in English. Ask parents, friends, teachers etc. for help if necessary.
  • Step 2: Make a presentation about your project, e.g. in PowerPoint, Word or Acrobat in English. Use images, photographs, charts, videos to explain your project. Our advice: Let pictures do the talking!
  • Step 3: Take a digital photograph of your project group. We want to see everyone who took part in the project. Wave to the camera or do something funny in the picture – maybe something related to climate friendly schools or Stockholm!
  • Step 4: Attach your submission materials:
    • submission sheetproject presentationphoto(s) of the project group

    … to an e-mail (zip them if necessary) – and send them by 31st October 2012 to award@climes.eu