Introducing climate change mitigation and adaption and promoting key competencies

CLIMES has two main objectives: It will develop a systematic approach to introduce the topic of climate change mitigation and adaptation in European schools all by promoting key competencies in innovative learning environments.

More concretely, CLIMES aims at:

  • developing a concept to tackle the issue of climate change and climate change adaptation;
  • reducing the “climate footprint” in European schools;
  • combining climate change adaptation with the JEM! Environmental Management Approach;
  • improving social and civic competences of European pupils.

For this purpose the following activities are being set up:

  • Creating an overview of the current situation in curricular and extracurricular activities as far as climate change is concerned in the participating member states;
  • Developing and piloting the CLIMES Management System for climate change mitigation and adaptation;
  • Implementing innovative didactic approaches (blended learning, best practice models, European exchange among pupils and teachers);
  • Integrating climate change adaptation with the environmental management approach developed in the framework of JEM!;
  • Evaluating transversal key competences with the help of an innovative evaluation method LEVEL5 for non-formal and informal learning;
  • Disseminating project results in a large scale European conference;
  • Establishing a European network involving relevant stakeholders (interdisciplinary and transnational work of students, teachers and other educational stakeholders).